Pediatric Eye Health

Many serious diseases emerge during childhood. Early diagnosis and right treatment lead to successful results.

To protect eyes of 0-16 age group, regular eye examination periods:

  • At age 1
  • Before starting school
  • During school


  • Cross-eye,
  • Droopy eyelid,
  • Lacrimation,
  • Blurring,
  • Eyelid Tubercle,
  • Looking by closing one eye,
  • Close reading,
  • Watching TV closely,
  • Eye narrowing,
  • Losing the track when reading,
  • Using fingers to follow while reading,
  • Low performance at classes,
  • Headache,
  • Clumsy behaviours,
  • Delirium,
  • Looking by bending head,
  • Eye irritation,
  • 3 month old baby’s inability to focus the eyes,
  • Eye diseases and glasses history in family make child sensitive to eye diseases.

Treatment of Children’s Eye Diseases...

By regular examinations, low vision in one eye or in both eyes, diseases causing to this and squint may be diagnosed. Involuntary eye movements called as droopy eyelid and nystagmus may be also diagnosed in this period and then treatment may start.

It is important to make first examination at first age. Especially diagnosing the diseases like cataract, eye pressure, retinal problems avoids irremeable vision loss. Cataract or disorders at eye’s plexiform layer cause permanent vision loss in 2-3 months and aftermath, nystagmus which is unrecoverable for lifelong.

In examinations between 3 - 6 months, Lacrimal duct obstruction may be easily detected. Also cataract, eye pressure and infections are detected in these months.

Examinations between 6 months - age 1 is particularly important for detection and treatment of squint. Eye crossings after 6 months absolutely require treatment. In this period, if nasal root has not been developed properly, fake crossed eye may also be seen.

Age 1 of babies is the most suitable period for refractive errors (myopia, hypermetrope and astigmatic) examination. Lazy eyes related to refractive errors is observed clearly in these examinations. Its treatment is also possible. Besides, age 1 is the most appropriate age for surgical probe if antibiotic eye drops and massages would not be sufficient in lacrimal duct obstruction.


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