Laser Technology

Laser is the most widespread method in the world used in refractive surgery and in treatments of myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism. The method involves cutting a thin layer on the upper surface of cornea and opening it as Valve. Eye degrees are then corrected on the cornea surface with excimer laser.

It is possible to throw away your glasses in 10 minutes bladeless and seamless.


Persons suitable for laser treatment:

  • Persons at least 18 years old and wearing glasses or contact lenses
  • Persons whose degree has not been changed more than 0,50 diopry
  • Persons with myopia up to -8
  • Persons with astigmatism up to -5 diopry and hypermetropia up to +4 diopry
  • Persons whose cornea tissue thickness is sufficient
  • Persons who do not have any systematic illnesses like diabetics or rheumatism.
  • Persons who do not have any other diseases (keratoconus) in their eyes
  • Persons found suitable for eye surgery as a result of preliminary examination and inspections.

Bladeless method should be preferred in Laser treatments.


Advantages of bladeless laser Intralase treatment:

  1. In persons whose cornea structure is suitable, perfect result, high success, low risk and forming flap in intended thickness.
  2. Low risk at xerophtalmia after the operation.


Disadvantages of laser treatment with blade:

  1. Unexpected surgery results, flap lacerations.
  2. High risk in persons with thin cornea structure.
  3. Nonapplicability of the treatment to persons with high eye degree.
  4. Higher risk in xerophtalmia.

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